With today's competitive environment, lawyers must put their clients first. It is all too easy for busy lawyers to let their overhead get out of hand. Operating expenses increase every year. Now, in order to stay competitive, lawyers must spend large sums of money of technology. Is there a way to have basic services provided, access to high technology, and quality of life all for a reasonable monthly number?

The Law Centre leases office space and provides services to lawyers. The numerous services provided allow even the sole practitioner to achieve large firm economies of scale on items most sole practitioner can not afford. The list below is a partial list of the many services provided:


  • Full Time Receptionist
  • Broadband Internet Access
  • Web Services
  • Multi-State Full Research Library
  • Large Meeting/Conference Rooms
  • Full Suite State of the Art Office Equipment
  • E-mail Services
  • Pleasant Hassle-Free Environment
  • 2 Blocks from the Courthouse and Steve's Old Time Tap
  • Reasonable Fixed Monthly Rental

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